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2007-10-04 19:19

Transcendent Innovations, arguably the most highly rated freebie network, recently added the iPod touch as a freebie on several of their sites. Transcendent Innovations (TRAINN) has countless proof pictures of the prizes they have already given out (just google "trainn proof"). But did you know that you can get a free iPod touch from TRAINN without ANY referrals?

TRAINN is one of the few networks that allows users to "do it yourself" and get a free iPod touch or other prize without having to convince other people to sign up. TRAINN has two account type options, referrals and points.

With the referrals system, you complete one offer yourself, then refer a certain number of people (for example, 5 referrals for an 8GB iPod touch) to sign up as well. Once they have completed offers also, you receive your free iPod touch.

With the points system, no referrals are required. You simply complete offers which are worth "points", and once you have accumulated enough points you can order your free iPod touch. With the wide variety of inexpensive and free offers on Transcendent Innovations sites, it's very easy to get your free iPod touch this way, without any referrals. So is there a catch?

The main difference between the referrals method and the points method is that you need more "points" if you don't have referrals. The total number of offers you are required to complete will be higher than the number of offers your referrals would have to do (in total) if you had chosen the referrals method. However, you have the piece of mind that you are in complete control, and you can easily complete all your offers within a day or two, and immediately order your free iPod touch without having to wait while you get enough referrals.

So which method is right for you? It really depends on whether you are interested in completing several offers, or whether you would prefer to refer people to the site. Getting referrals for TRAINN sites isn't too hard due to their excellent reputation. However, if you can't find enough referrals you'll be stuck without a free iPod touch!

TRAINN allows you to complete each of their sites once via the referral method, and multiple times via the points method. We recommend trying out referrals first, then if you find you are struggling to get enough referrals, switch over to points (you can request an account type change). As a bonus, each referral you have already got will add 50 points to your total, giving you a headstart on completing the site via the points method.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for your free iPod touch, no referrals required!

free ipod touch no referrals

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